Dominic's child - Catherine spencer

Dominic's child

Dominic Winters, usually as cold as his name suggests, decides to look for someone to comfort him, and he finds … Read More

The Most Coveted Prize - Penny jordan

The Most Coveted Prize

Alena, the 19-year-old scion of a well-respected, old Russian family, falls in love at first sight with Kiryl, a man … Read More

A Lover's Kiss - Margaret moore

A Lover's Kiss

Juliette, a destitute seamstress living in nineteenth-century London, comes upon a man being attacked by ruffians in the dead of … Read More

Intimate enemies - Jessica steele

Intimate enemies

After being severely injured in an accident, Amber overhears that she has only six months to live. She decides she’ll … Read More

Substitute Wife - Anne marie winston

Substitute Wife

After struggling to pay for her mother’s nursing home fees, Tannis Carlson seeks help from her neighbor Tom Hayes, a … Read More

Shoushin no Monako - Chantelle shaw

Shoushin no Monako

She was his pregnant mistress...Two years ago, Freya Addison fell for sexy billionaire Zac Deverell. He gave her everything money … Read More

Claiming My Hidden Son - Maya blake

Claiming My Hidden Son

Calypso is ordered by her father to become the bride of Greek billionaire Axios, and handsome playboy Axios has no … Read More



Craving the forbidden: What kind of a trap has this man set for Sophie? Sophie is an actress whose best … Read More

Sore wa Kiss de Hajimatta - Mary lyons

Sore wa Kiss de Hajimatta

Millionaires prefer blondes!
It was certainly the case for Luke Cunningham. The American tycoon had seen Angelica Lonsdale in a crowded … Read More

Romantic encounter - Betty neels

Romantic encounter

Florence, a nurse, comes to London to work for Dr. Fitzgibbon. Known as an elite surgeon, Dr. Fitzgibbon is cold … Read More

Just a Little Sex... - Miranda lee

Just a Little Sex...

Country girl Zoe studied hard and became a lawyer. Now she’s working in Sydney, the city of her dreams. With … Read More