That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Official) - Fuse

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Official)

As players of Monster Hunter and Dungeons & Dragons know, the slime is not exactly the king of the fantasy … Read More

Infinite Level up in Murim - Gonbung

Infinite Level up in Murim

Tang Yoo Sung, a junior warrior with no talent or low level of training, died on the battlefield. But when … Read More

Legend of the Northern Blade - Hae-min

Legend of the Northern Blade

When the world was plunged into darkness martial artists gathered to form the ‘Northern Heavenly Sect’. With the help of … Read More

Hotaru no Yomeiri - Tachibana oreco

Hotaru no Yomeiri

Kisah romansa berlatarkan era Meiji. Terlahir dari keluarga bergengsi dan dikaruniai kecantikan, Satoko disebut-sebut memiliki harapan hidup yang singkat. Tapi … Read More

Ooku: The Inner Chambers - Yoshinaga fumi

Ooku: The Inner Chambers

In an alternative feudal Japan, a strange disease that only affects males caused a massive population reduction, leaving females to … Read More

The Elusive Samurai (Official) - Yusei matsui

The Elusive Samurai (Official)

Set in feudal Japan in between the Kamakura and Muromachi periods, our hero Hojo Takatoki is a boy on the … Read More

All x bakubottom - Unknown

All x bakubottom

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All x Bakugo - Unknown

All x Bakugo

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Tutor menjadi Iblis{bucin_yeol} - 迷子 / 林早上

Tutor menjadi Iblis{bucin_yeol}

Pendeta itu datang dan menghancurkan rumah kami! Takkan kubiarkan dia kabur sampai dia mengembalikan emas yang sudah dia curi, dari … Read More

Murim Login - Zerobic

Murim Login

An era where hunters thrive on hunting monsters that come from Gates. Jin Tae-Kyung is a low-rank hunter who picks … Read More

Doron Doradoran - Gen oosuka

Doron Doradoran

A World where mankind is plagued by attacks from Mononoke, man-eating demons which roam the land. People are protected from … Read More

A bear's daughter - Shinjinha33

A bear's daughter

The adventure of a girl who risk the fate of the tribe into the world where monsters appear during the … Read More

Golden Kamuy (Official) - Satoru noda

Golden Kamuy (Official)

In the early twentieth century, Russo-Japanese War veteran Saichi “Immortal” Sugimoto scratches out a meager existence during the postwar gold … Read More



Di tengah Dinasti Joseon, ada seorang raja kejam yang tidak bisa digambarkan dengan kata-kata. Orang-orang memanggilnya 'Raja Yacha' karena dia … Read More

Manga Showcase - Tokyopop

Manga Showcase

Discover the latest mangas from each season!! Tons of recommendations just for you with the synopsis and the colored cover … Read More

Stand Alone - Neri..

Stand Alone

Rin Izumi, a girl treasured by her family, flees her isolated estate. She knows what she must do, find the … Read More

Genesis: Majoris - Neri..

Genesis: Majoris

Rin Izumi, a girl treasured by her family, flees her isolated estate. She knows what she must do, find the … Read More

Angel from snow - Quintessa

Angel from snow

Two leaders must team up together in order to write their wrong. An assassin and a samurai who has a … Read More

Attic Princess (drop) - 자은향

Attic Princess (drop)

An ill-fated princess who was locked up in an attic and called an idiot, after more than 20 years of … Read More

Stitch and the Samurai (Official) - Wada hiroto

Stitch and the Samurai (Official)

While fleeing the Galactic Federation, Stitch's spaceship malfunctions and he makes an emergency landing... not in Hawaii, but in sengoku-era … Read More

Ibrahim Coyle - Brale studios / Nikola pavlović sova

Ibrahim Coyle

Ibrahim Coyle is just your regular con man and a self-proclaimed PI, secret agent, or whatever the client needs, as … Read More

shaman king - Takei hiroyuki

shaman king

Yoh Asakura is a shaman--one of the gifted few who, thanks to training or natural talent, can channel spirits that … Read More

Gamaran Shura - Nakamaru yousuke

Gamaran Shura

A sequel/spinoff to the original Gamaran manga focusing on Gama's former rival,mentor and friend Sengoku Iori. Read More

Tengen Hero Wars - Yasu hiromoto

Tengen Hero Wars

Suatu hari, siswa sekolah menengah yang memuja pahlawan Oda Nobunaga, bersama dengan saudara perempuannya melangkah ke dunia lain yang misterius. … Read More

Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku - Yuji kaku

Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku

Gabimaru je bývalý Shinobi, zabiják, proslulý svou bezcitností a lhostejností, proto mu lidé začali říkat „Prázdný.“ Poslední dny čeká na … Read More