empress livestream -

empress livestream

The Heroine of the Empress livestream is a web comic serialized by Yuewen Comics/Manxiang Creation. The manhua tells the story … Read More

King of Piling - Warrior

King of Piling

'From now on, I will break your back.' Han Seo-Ah, a seemingly ordinary high school student, attends Hasa High School … Read More

Yu-Gi-Oh! (Official) - Takahashi kazuki

Yu-Gi-Oh! (Official)

Tenth grader Yugi spent most of his time alone playing games until he solved the Millennium Puzzle, a mysterious Egyptian … Read More

Asobi Asobase (Official) - Rin suzukawa

Asobi Asobase (Official)

“Everything is fun and games in the Pastimer Research Club!” Kasumi is a girl that hates playing games and is … Read More

Iron Tile Jan! - Bingo morihashi

Iron Tile Jan!

Sanbanchi, a mahjong parlor in Ueno, is an old-timer and has a reputation for its delicious homemade weekly menu. Jan … Read More

Manga Showcase - Tokyopop

Manga Showcase

Discover the latest mangas from each season!! Tons of recommendations just for you with the synopsis and the colored cover … Read More

Hikaru no Go (Official) - Hotta yumi

Hikaru no Go (Official)

When Hikaru Shindou discovers an old go board in his grandfather's attic, he is greeted by the spirit of an … Read More



A world where games have become reality. The students are passionate about the running action game 'Meal Runner', which runs … Read More