Boku no Hero Academia - Horikoshi kouhei

Shounen Manga Action Adaptation Adventure School Life Super Power Supernatural


The series focuses on Izuku Midoriya, a young man who dreams of becoming a Hero despite being bullied by his violent childhood friend Katsuki Bakugo for lacking a Quirk. Both youths idolize one of the world's greatest heroes All Might, who they both met with Izuku being one of few to know of a critical injury All Might have been concealing from the public eye to maintain morale. All Might also reveal the nature of his Quirk "One For All" and passes it down to Izuku to succeed him after seeing the youth's determination in the face of danger. As Izuku begins his path to becoming a hero in attending U.A. High School (雄英高校, Yūei Kōkō) alongside Bakugo and the friends they make in Class 1-A, a nemesis to the "One For All" users named All For One condition his apprentice Tomura Shigaraki to destroy the current society and its heroes. [Source: Wikipedia]

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