Onegai Shinakya Ikasete Yannai Ijiwaru Kyoushi to Hokenshitsu de - Yuzushiwo

Josei Shoujo Mature Smut Josei(W) Shoujo(G) Drama Romance School Life


Saori finds herself at a new school after her dad gets transferred for work. She makes friends right away, and her homeroom teacher, Mr. Nakashima, is really sweet and good-looking... The only problem is she's a terrible student. After failing another test, she visits her homeroom teacher for some tutoring, but he's acting... differently than usual. That's when he grabs her by the wrist and kisses her, slowly yet confidently working his way down. "He's nothing like I thought he was! He's a jerk! And a creep!" But, ever since that day, he's been tutoring Saori after school, and even helps take care of her in the school nurse's office. "He's usually so self-centered... so why...? Why can't I stop thinking about him!?

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