The Princess is Evil [WITH SFX Sleepy Translations Version] - 차소희 (cha sohee)

Shoujo Manhwa Isekai Magic Romance


I may be a witch who is over 300 years old, but I died by the hand of the human I trusted. I thought I’d be stuck in the soul world, but I reincarnated as a princess of a Royal Palace where we kill each other. Since it became like this, in any case, I should become the Queen. “You. Be my subordinate.” I thought everyone would be afraid of me if I did this. “Can’t I touch it once? Everyone would be jealous of me because I patted your head once.” … What nonsense is this? “Again. Do it again, since it’s cute.” But they’ve started to show me so much affection to the point that they seemed to have all gone mad as a group. ...I’ll be able to become the Queen, right?

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