Oshiete yaruyo Manga mitaina Kimochiii Koto -Kouhai PariPi ha Moto Ninki Doujin Sakka- - Iruka omine

Josei Smut Manga Romance


Nana Adachi is a geeky, plain girl who works an office job. She dreams of being a yaoi comic artist. Minato Kashiwagi is two years younger than her and is a party boy who works in the sales division of the same company. He picks on Nana again, and she finally decides to go to a club with him! Minato seems to have some kind of secret... He wants her to feel everything and remember it for her comics. What should she do? It's her first time, but the sensations are too strong and she's left speechless. How will Nana react to the aggressive Minato...?

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