Race to Steal the Emperor's Heart [Official] - Kiki

Shoujo Shoujo(G) Manhwa Webtoon Adaptation Fantasy Full Color Historical Isekai Reincarnation Romance


Ra Hyeon just got the exciting news that she’s passed the Bar Exam and is headed to law school. But what should’ve been one of the best days of her life turns out to be the worst as the shock causes her to have a heart attack and die. As she pleads for her life in her final moments, she is given one last chance to evade death. All she has to do is live as Daphne Kerrece, the daughter of a noble household, and win the heart of her new husband, the emperor. But with a looming deadline, a husband who’s already cast away four brides before her, and many hoping to see her fail, this won’t be as easy as it sounds. And, when all is said and done, is it even what Ra Hyeon really wants?

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