The Reincarnated Villainess Doesn’t Want Revenge - Akako iwaaki

Manga Adaptation Adventure Romance


“I’m not interested in revenge!” Rosemary was branded as a villainess and hung for a crime she didn’t commit. She reincarnates as the commoner, “Marie”, while still retaining the memories of her previous life and hopes to live peacefully this time. However, contrary to Marie’s wishes, she ends up returning to the royal palace. “Sister, how do you want to punish the people who killed you?” Her brother, who she doted on in her previous life, had changed completely and intended to take revenge on behalf of his sister. “Master, please tell me your desire.” The knight who swore allegiance in the previous life swears his allegiance this time as well. I’m not thinking of taking revenge on the person who killed me. However, the people around me will not allow that…

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