Gokudou to Omega - Mukidashi no Katsuai. (Batoto Scans Ver.) - Chizu aoi / Ache

Josei Smut Manga Omegaverse Romance Yakuzas


Niikura Wakana is an unpopular romance novelist. Taken in by Tatara Kunimitsu's interesting Alpha character, she decides to go undercover and cover his story. Tatara is a handsome and mysterious young head of the Koukyou Group. Wakana, who infiltrated a sophisticated hostess club to approach her target, is suddenly attacked during her first heat cycle. Adding on to that is her lack of understanding of her newly awakened Omega pheromones. Because of this, men start swarming over her pheromones and make their advances towards her. As she starts losing control of her aching body, Kunimitsu and his subordinates suddenly appear...! "To think that you'd go into heat in this kind of place..." A juxtaposition of rough words and gentle fingertips ravages Wakana, who is still feeling feverish from her heat to the point of climax. Is this sensation 'love' or 'instinct'?

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