Kedamono Switch - AV Dan'yuu to Ikenai Doukyo Seikatsu Hajimetemita - Rena sasahara

Josei Smut Romance


"It feels so good that my mind's going blank... but is this something he learned at work...? Minori (29) is an erotic cartoonist who can't catch a break. Her manga won't sell, and she can't get a boyfriend. With nothing to lose, she signs up for a matchmaking event, where she meets Hiroki Kuratani. They bond over their mutual desire to change themselves, and then they suddenly start living together!! Despite Minori hiding that she's an erotic cartoonist, life as roommates seems normal at first... until she's grabbed from behind and pinned down! "Isn't this what you wanted? Sure seems that way." Hiroki's face is like that of a wild animal as he toys with her. On top of that, Minori happens to see an adult movie with an actor that looks just like Hiroki... A compassionate side, and an animalistic side. Which one is the real him?

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