My Wife is the Student Council President! - Nakata yumi

Shounen Ecchi Smut Comedy Drama Harem Romance School Life Slice of Life


You just lost a presidential race at your school, you're feeling gloomy and you are appointed instead as vice-president serving under the beautiful Wakana Ui....who made it rain condoms to win the election??? Well, for Izumi Hayato, it can't get any worse...except for the fact the that very same president happens to also be your fiancé that your parents had "arranged" for you to marry. The Completely oblivious kaichou doesn't know anything about sex, yet she is willing to give up her innocence to Izumi?! Will Izumi hold out on deflowering the innocent kaichou or will he fall under the deadly sin of temptation Wakana keeps on giving him??? Read on to find out!!!

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