Flower and the Beast [Official] - Solddam

Josei Josei(W) Webtoon Adaptation Comedy Fantasy Historical Romance Manhwa Isekai Reincarnation


"Could this all perhaps be Hwayeon's dream? Or did Yeonu create this fantasy world in her head to escape her harsh reality?" Hwayeon Ryu, without knowing the cause, falls into a coma at the age of six. Then after 12 long years of her father, Chung Ryu's persistent attempts, she finally opens her eyes. As she wakens from her prolonged sleep, she realizes she not only has her memories but has the memories of someone else's life, Yeonu Lee. Though startled at first, as time passes, she manages to adjust to her new life. Then one day, in hope to have lunch with her father, she pays a visit to the palace. But she ends up taking the wrong turn and finds herself in front of the notorious beast, coons prince Muyeong... The story unfolds then, when the soft and delicate flower Hwayeon meets the arrogant and fearless beast, Muyeong.

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