The Villainous Violet - Bae huijin / Yusoo

Shoujo Shoujo(G) Manhwa Webtoon Drama Fantasy Historical Isekai Romance Adaptation Reincarnation Villainess


Dahye always felt sorry for the villainess character Violet from the novel "For Shannon," who tragically pursues a one-sided love for Earhart, the hero. After waking up in Violet's body, Dahye sees her chance to ditch the story's love triangle and declares her feelings for Earhart are no more. Her next mission is to save Violet's childhood friend Haron from similar heartbreak by making sure he doesn't fall for the heroine, Princess Shannon. But now Earhart has suddenly confessed a renewed love for Violet, and the normally kind Shannon has become vindictive towards her. Can "Violet" and Haron find their own happily ever after, amidst all the unexpected drama and confusion? Based on the hit novel.

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