Osananajimi wa Ichi Tamagosei no Shishi Supadari Futago to Torotoro 3 nin Seikatsu - Sakura ao / Ache

Josei Smut Josei(W) Romance Reverse Harem


With whom you will have sex first? " "Choose your favorite one." When I returned to my hometown, I reunited with my childhood friend's twins. It's my secret that they were my first love. They invited me to their house and listened to my complaints while drinking, but suddenly I was attacked ... "Whose kiss do you like more ?" "I'll love you ..." "I want to lick your sensitive spot" My childhood friend is doing something lewd but at the same time the other on kissed and licked me ... Moreover, I have to live with them and work together ...!? I wonder what happen!?

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