Maou Iburogia ni Mi wo Sasageyo - Kaziwara io

Yaoi Smut Yaoi(BL) Manga Fantasy Romance Demons Isekai


"Like, make me your woman." The strongest couple appears to conquer another world!? Toshiaki Ushito (commonly known as Goz) is a socially stray person. One day he is shot dead and wakes up--wait what? He was reincarnated in a game world! Moreover, in front of him is the figure of that game's Last Boss, Demon King Ibrogia, who had been longing for a long time! He who was still young before awakening was trembling with loneliness. "I fell in love with you... I'm dying to start courtship!?" The lonely demon king x demon king who is on the verge of darkness, the world conquest love (!?) Of such a terrible man, begins now!

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