Beauty and the Raven - Kkot ni rang

Shoujo Shoujo(G) Manhwa Drama Fantasy Gender Bender Romance


Born ever so gracefully, but destined to be a disgrace. The Grand Duchess Evelyn Ra Royceite of the house Royceite was promised to a graceful life from her birth. And yet Her dark-colored hair and eyes made her repulsive by the people of the Theian Empire since they were considered as an ominous sign. Despite all that, her family makes her attend the debutante hosted by the emperor to change her misfortune. On that day, Evelyn meets the grand duchess of Ansian of house Casablanca, the heir to her rival house Casablanca and by far the most beautiful girl that Evelyn has ever seen. Witnessing the hostility and discomfort at the debutante, Evelyn decides to put an end to her miserable life as a caged crow in the house of noble and pursuit her long lost dream of living the wanderlust life as a hired sword. After a few years later, an unexpected person visits at her doorstep.

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