The Return of Elena the Knight [Official] - Leeharin

Josei Josei(W) Manhwa Webtoon Adaptation Drama Fantasy Full Color Historical Romance Time Travel


Elena Blaise grew up as a count’s daughter in a royalist household backing Crown Prince Carlisle. The prince’s sudden assassination makes way for the Anti-King Paveluc, who annihilates House Blaise overnight. As the sole survivor, Elena trains as a knight to avenge her family. When she finally faces off with Paveluc, a deadly blow not only knocks her unconscious but also catapults her into the past! Elena wakes up one year before the fall of House Blaise. Determined to protect her kin, she rushes to save Crown Prince Carlisle, asking for his hand in marriage and offering her services as his knight. Bewildered as he is, Carlisle takes the bait. The future now lies in the hands of his fiancée fighting on his behalf!

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