Koi to Sex wa Touch Up no Nochi de Kokoro mo Karada mo Kokoroyoku Shite Ageru - Aki murakami

Josei Mature Smut Josei(W) Manga Romance


Shizuka, a shy office lady, was invited by a colleague at the company to go to a joint party, but she felt suffocated by the glittering atmosphere around her. "I'm always a dull and dull self who always helps someone" I just escaped from such a reality, but on this day I was inspired to "I want to change this time!" And decided to go to the cosmetics counter of the department store. .. There, she met Minato, a cosmetologist, and learned how to make up from the basics, but his eyes, smile, and supple and gentle hands kept her excited. When I asked him to "help me change" when I met him again at a later date, he made a suggestion ...

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