Shirayuki - Christine dao / Kisai entertainment

Josei Josei(W) Comic Webtoon Action Comedy Drama Fantasy Ninja Romance Western Adaptation Full Color Historical Monster Girls Sci-Fi


If Snow White had lived in feudal Japan, her name probably would’ve been Shirayuki, and she might have escaped an assassination attempt by her jealous stepmother, the Empress; and she likely would have taken a wrong turn during said escape into the Suicide Forest, where she might have stumbled upon the hideout of seven ninjas. And those ninjas probably would have killed her for finding their hideout but then decided against it because they hated the Empress, too. And instead, they could have trained her to be a shinobi as well. And that training might have come in handy for when the Empress found out that Shirayuki was still alive. If that were all to happen, this might be how that story goes down.

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