Class ga Isekai Shoukan sareta Naka Ore dake Nokotta n desu ga - Southern terrace

Shounen Shounen(B) Manga Action Comedy Fantasy Harem Isekai Romance School Life


A god of a different world had abruptly appeared in Kamiya Yato's classroom and forcibly summoned the entire class to his world... except for him—because he was sleeping in a seat in the corner of the class, the round summoning magic circle didn't reach him—and he ended up staying here on Earth. After his class was summoned, Yato discovers that he obtains OP powers and is able to access status screens and other video game mechanics in the modern world. His level is now many times higher than any other human being on earth and he can easily defeat dozens of terrorists by himself. Yato has to use his OP powers to protect his town while girls keep throwing themselves at him even though he shows no romantic interest in any of them.

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