Naka Iki suru Kao Motto Misete Omiai Aite to Zetsurin SEX - Minami hoshino

Josei Smut Adult Mature Josei(W) Drama Romance Manga


Akane's cousin asks her to go on a blind date in her place. The guy that shows up is handsome, rich, and good at his job. Everything about him is perfect?which means he's not in Akane's league at all. But, at the end of the date he invites her to a hotel room to check their compatibility. Akane can't help but enjoy the way he makes her feel. However, as she tries to move on from this encounter by thinking of it as a one-night stand, before she knows it, this very guy shows up at her office and says he can't forget about how great they were together. Does he want them to become friends with benefits!?

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