Why The King Needs A Secretary - 바믜

Shoujo Shoujo(G) Fantasy Historical Romance Tragedy


Celestia is a dispel magic user who lives in Golddina's back alley. She believes her talent is worthless and instead helps her talented friend Serengevan. “Get that whacko out of here!” Despite their agreement to marry, he betrayed her and sold her as a s*ave. A man who appeared to be a nobleman appeared before Celestia in her inescapable desperation, and seeing his plight, Celestia offers a deal to him. “I have the ability to cure the illness you are afflicted with.” “...How did you find out about me?” Celestia wanted to live despite the man's frightening appearance. She finally gets what she wants and arrives at a location that looks like an imperial palace. “Please address me as ‘Your Majesty' in the future.” “...Your Majesty?” “Of course, Van, I am the Burg Empire's one and only Emperor.” Surprisingly, the man's name is... The Red-Eyed Psychopath, the Emperor of the Burg Empire. Celestia was made a subject of the emperor. Will she be able to make it out alive?

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