Saikai shita Oshiego ha Watashi ga Shiranai Kao wo suru - Namonaki

Josei Smut Josei(W) Drama Romance


I'm not a child anymore, says Honoka Miyama's former student... before kissing her! It's been five years since Honoka became a teacher. With the arrival of a new batch of trainee teachers and her dream of an event from five years ago, Honoka finds a wave of nostalgia coming over her. Much to her surprise, the student she dreamed about, Tougo Ashiya, is among the new trainees! After the welcome party, Tougo invites Honoka to his place, where he soon reveals that his feelings for her haven't changed. Not letting her speak, he pulls her shirt open, sucking softly on her exposed chest as his hand slips down her thigh to a sensitive spot... "Make sure you remember every detail of tonight." The student she thought she knew shows a side of him she's never seen before!

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