I Just Wanted to Find My Father [Sleepy Vers WITH SFX] - 수연재

Shoujo Shoujo(G) Manhwa Fantasy Historical Reincarnation


Despite not having a father, Louisa lived happily with her mother nonetheless. Then, one day, that happy life ended along with her mother’s death. Her uncle, Benjamin, who claimed himself as her guardian, took her in. He was the worst scumbag who desired even his niece. While she was in her uncle’s grasp, the only rebellious act she was capable of doing was to take her own life. However, for some reason, Louisa returned to the year her mother died. The joy of meeting her mother again soon vanished, as she couldn’t prevent her mother from dying again. So, she eventually left to find her father. Her mother’s words, ‘Your father is alive’, was the only clue she had to change her destiny in this life. Escaping from Benjamin, she had barely managed to make it to her father’s house… But her father was not the only one there…?

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