The Demon Babysitter - Aanchal budhiraja

Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance


Money. Power. Fame. When a supernatural being knocks at your door and offers you three wishes to change your life, you're damn sure to choose one of those. Who wouldn't? After accidentally summoning a demon in her kitchen, single mother Yuki Rin makes a wish that changes her life. Kuros, an alpha Demon, standing awkwardly in a well-lit kitchen, has the worst luck of the century. He is bound to grant any three wishes Yuki demands. But he never imagined that he would be leaving the dungeons of the Hell to babysit her three-year-old son. Not able to use black magic against her, he can only break this ridiculous contract by tasting her blood - with her consent. All he needs to do is seduce her, but that proves much more complicated than Kuros expects.

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