Osananajimi Bartender to Hajimeru Kaikan Lesson - Rami takashino

Josei Smut Josei(W) Manga Romance Childhood Friends


[Snudae Scans] ‘Sex is something that feels good and makes you happy’ is what Kijima Kana used to believe. However, she has a sexually insensitive body and is poor at sex. Not even once did she think it felt good. Moreover, sex became the reason why she got dumped over and over again. As always, she confides to her childhood friend, Oosako Mamoru, who works at the bar she frequents. Afterward, she goes for round two at Mamoru’s home. "I also want to feel good with the one I love..." "But, if my relationship ends for the same reason again..." "I want to fix my condition so that I can feel good" "Should I help you then?" EEHHH??!!!!! No way, a ‘pleasant lesson’ with my childhood friend??!!!

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