I Gave Birth to a Villain's Child - Gi seon / Harasyo / Воаz&deerchaser

Josei Shoujo Josei(W) Shoujo(G) Comic Manhwa Webtoon Drama Fantasy Full Color Historical Romance


Karine, daughter of Viscount Tyrian, spends the night with a handsome man and gives birth to a son, Nitense. Her father, who had wanted to sell her off into marriage, decides she has lost her worth, abuses her, and finally sells her to the Grand Duke, a man rumored to be a horrible killer and monster, who is seeking a wife. Karine becomes hopelessly depressed and loses all will to live, but is surprised to discover that the rumored murderer she must marry is the man she spent the night with. The Grand Duke, however, does not know Karine's face, yet feels attracted to this sad woman and cute child for some reason.

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