The Villain Demands I Love Him - 오미자청

Josei Manhwa Webtoon Fantasy Full Color Historical Romance


A peaceful but uneventful countryside. Senia Sunsethill's goal in life is to escape the rural village for a brand new life elsewhere! One early morning, however, a man clad in sleepwear suddenly appears with tearful eyes! "To think that I'd... you..." "Wh.. who are you?" "Please... marry me." All of a sudden, this man, falls to his knees to propose to her! Even though she suspected him to be a bit mental, he turns out to be the man who eliminated his entire family for his title, the vile and infamous Duke Thessar Nathan Ardiel?! The man sobbing his eyes out, telling her that he'd do absolutely anything if she'd wed him- is that very Duke! What is Senia supposed to do with him!? We present Senia's guide to rearing a crybaby villainous Duke: "The Villain Demands I Love Him"!

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