Anata no Otto, Netottemasu. ~Shinya no Esute de Nurunuru Sounyuu - Toiro

Adult Hentai Manga Drama


"More, more... Lose yourself in me..." These are the hot and heavy sounds of a man and woman coupling at a salon at midnight. They are there continuously dripping wet in cum for a reason -- for, Yui, that reason is a surprise reunion at an interview with Miyako, an abuser from the past. However, Miyako is no longer aware of Yui's identity, and freely shares her life story... It was then that Yui swore vengeance! She would steal Miyako's husband, Kazuya... and break every precious and joyful thing in her life -- Upon seeing Yui's naked body, unaware Kazuya shoves her to the bed and takes her -- "You can do anything you want to me, okay? Everything's only just begun..."

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