Delicious Blood (Official) - La lune / Rosa / Zq

Shoujo Shoujo(G) Manhwa Webtoon Adaptation Drama Fantasy Full Color Romance Slice of Life Supernatural Vampires


Choi Yu-Jeong, the ordinary college student fell into debt to the café called “Delicious Blood’ due to some accident one day Yu-Jeong, who fell into huge debt of 100 million won. Handsome café owner Daniel told Yu-Jeong to pay back the debt working part-time job in his cafe. “Work in my shop.” “I will pay you good so you can pay back all if you work for me several years, no?” Yu-Jeong started working part-time job in Delicious Blood, after all. However, it seems that Daniel do not leave her alone although she is just part-time worker. He stares at her and touches her out of the blue. Daniel leans on Yu-Jeong saying riddling speech like she smells sweet after all. “You smell good, I want to kiss you.” She look at him with unsteady eye who is strangely kind and dangerous.

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