Farewell My Demon - Baekhwa

Josei Josei(W) Manhwa Drama Romance


Moon Dami’ll do anything to escape the clutches of Mr. Sohn, the evil CEO who’s out to get her guts—literally. Her rare blood type makes her an invaluable resource to the old man, but when his obsession with her results in a family tragedy, Dami needs to find a way to step up her survival game. She seeks help from an unlikely source: the handsome but haughty Kang Taesung, owner of Taekyung Financial. Impressed by her bravery, Mr. Kang agrees to protect Dami’s body from Mr. Sohn’s schemes…but who will protect Dami from Mr. Kang? Caught up in the wild wars of the rich and powerful, will Dami be able to change the demons of her past into the blessings of her future?

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