4 Week Lovers - Maroron (마로론)

Yaoi Smut Yaoi(BL) Manhwa Webtoon Comedy Drama Full Color Romance School Life


'You... never changed at all. The touch of your rough lips and the way your hands gather as if praying when you're nervous... That foolish side of yours.' Outstanding look, top of the department. Jeong Dojun —Business Department, Class of '18— thought that his university life would go smooth, but he ended up meeting Song Jaehee again inside their dormitory. There was something that he couldn't solve with Song Jaehee during high school. 'Is it wrong for me to have a crush on you?' '...' 'You just ended up ignoring me and left.' Dojun only wanted to run away, but when Jaehee told him, 'I have no feelings for you anymore.' he smiled. Unfortunately, Jaehee's broken arm was Dojun's fault. Instead of repaying with money, he offered a contract. He wanted Dojun to be his lover for only 4 weeks?

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