Sono Uwamedukai Zuru sugiru -Gyaku Shinchousa (Yaku) 20 centimeter no Gekokujou- - Nami suzuna

Josei Shoujo Smut Josei(W) Shoujo(G) Drama Romance


"If you want to lose your innocence, how about losing it to me?" A pure love story between a 5'10" tall career woman innocent at heart and a manly but short guy! Kayako is an accomplished career woman during the week, but also an innocent girl who loves Lolita fashion and cute things Since her tastes don't really go with her looks, Kayako has been keeping it all secret from her boyfriend, but he ends up finding out! To make matters worse, her colleague, Mr. Hano, witnesses her getting dumped and her innocence ridiculed. When she's feeling down, Mr. Hano tells her "Why don't you get revenge on him by proving him wrong?" and before she knows it, his sweet caresses strip her of both her clothes and reason...! The cute Mr. Hano was more aggressive than she'd expected!

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