Oute Denka no Amai Shu ai ~Koi no Nioi ni Hatsujou Chuu~ - Tsukishiro usagi

Josei Smut Josei(W) Manga Historical Romance


[Batoto Scans] "I won't run away, ever!" I awake to His Highness... His sweet, amorous voice and salacious touch...?! "Just being near you makes me excited!" Gisella, the spiritless daughter of an artistic family receives a surprising marriage proposal by a man who is the target of many rumors; a man who's called by a variety of names, Prince Silvio. Using his status, he forces Gisella into marriage, with her being unaware of his true intentions. Despite that, the young girl inevitably falls for Silvio's sweet voice as their feelings begin to sprout. "It will suffice that you fall for me before our wedding ceremony." Being told that, Gisella gradually starts becoming attracted to Silvio. But what happens when, around the same time, they get involved in an incident that stakes their relationship...?

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