Kimi ni Hatsukoi Propose - Amairo chu

Josei Smut Josei(W) Manga Romance


[Batoto Scans] 1. "I don't want you to make me happy, I want to be happy with you." To open her own nail salon, Rika Hashimoto works hard everyday, working as a manicurist during the day and as a hostess at night. One day, as if drawn together by fate, she met Takato Fujigaya as he picked up her handkerchief and they started dating. While he is very gentle and easygoing, he shows a strong desire to monopolize her from time to time. Even though they live in different worlds, their love grows ever deeper, but somehow Fujigaya's mind seems to be somewhere else...How will this relationship of two people who are so different in status and values go?! 2. A positive woman and a man with purpose coming to terms in love. 3. An adult relationship between the exhausted mind and body President Morikawa and her oji-san subordinate. 4. The reunion love between an awkward office lady and a potter. A collection of short stories of fateful love drawn by Amairo Chu.

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