I Tried To Persuade My Brother And He Entrusted The Male Lead To Me - 유주

Shoujo Shoujo(G) Manhwa Webtoon Adaptation Comedy Fantasy Reincarnation Romance


Betraying my tyrant elder brother by helping the abducted male protagonist to escape, I was just a short-lived insect in a supporting role. In the original story, I was bewitched to help the male protagonist escape… Original? Who cares about that? First of all, I would not live if I did it. So I decided to talk with the unfamiliar scary elder brother whom I never know when he would kill me. I mean, I tried… “You dare to touch my younger sister without fear, take responsibility. Take your pick. Imprisonment, exile, execution. If you can’t choose, you may do all three.” …You don’t have to twist it? Why is this elder brother suddenly like this? “I don’t want to go back. Princess Clara is here.” Why is the male protagonist also like this? You have to go and become the emperor!

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