Mr.Miss [official] - Aseom

Shounen ai Yaoi Yaoi(BL) Manhwa Drama Romance Shounen ai


After being outed by his first love in high school, Juho has been struggling in his romantic endeavors ever since. One evening after a distasteful phone call with a cheating ex, Juho sees someone has been staring at him. Juho recognizes Kang Jaemin, an old high school classmate. This chance encounter leads Juho and Jaemin to explore a connection they didn’t get to have when they were in high school. Although the incident was long ago, for Juho, the hurt and humiliation he experienced still has a hold of him. Jaemin knocks Juho off his feet with his blunt, direct affection which has been unlike anything he’s experienced from his previous partners before. Perhaps Jaemin’s honesty will be enough to give Juho the courage to love and trust someone again.

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