Knight in Flight - Leohara

Shoujo Shoujo(G) Manhwa Webtoon Action Romance


Amadionte Elvin, the first female to join the Royal Guard as a knight, becomes the guard for Prince Theonel Gavadien. Amadionte has to fight prejudices against her as a female Le knight, where the Royal Guard only uses her as a pretty figurehead, not for her sword skills and wits, and her powerful father just wishes her to Oldest Oldest act lady-like and find a noble husband. Prince Theonel has his problems, as he is caught in a vicious fight for the throne, regardless of his disinterest. Under constant threats of poisoning and murder attempts, he has to learn to trust Amadionte with his life. The first step is revealing his one secret, that he is also Pispanne, the renowned fashion designer that's leading the scene in the kingdom... Can this unlike a couple of misfits find a way to become and live as themselves, even if it means escaping from the kingdom they call home?"

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