False Confession (Salty Scans Version) - Koala / Haenok

Manhwa Webtoon Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance


I confessed. I was not confident enough to do it sober, so I just drank one cup of alcohol. "I like you." "......why?" "...it's just, I like everything about you." "......I don't understand." Something was off. His voice was deeper, his height and figure was quite different. Even now visible, the color of his hair reflected in the moonlight. ......Oh my god. It's someone else. Duke Cabel Willard, also called the Grim Reaper. "Cabel." "......what?" "From now on, call me by my first name, not by my strange title." His always stiff mouth finally drew a smile. Like it's telling me he's gonna kill me if he finds out I made a false confession.

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