Curious about the Review? - Jang ga-wol

Yaoi Adult Mature Smut Yaoi(BL) Manhwa Webtoon Comedy Drama Full Color Romance


Seo Ki-Woon and Yeo Woo-Il, co-manage an adult supplies site after being introduced by a friend. As there are many malicious comments in the recent product reviews that says ‘there is no credibility because there are no reviews from couples who used the product’. Woo-Il angrily said, “Do I have to do a one-night stand to write a review”. Ki-Woon who didn’t hesitate to say, “Do it with me”. The embarrassed Woo-Il, said that they both have a good relationship. He gave it a moment to think about, and thought that it would be a waste of Ki-Woon’s handsome face and body. Don’t you think you’re taking this lightly...?!

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