Tadano Renai nanka Dekikkonai -Kojirase Joushi to Feti na Buka- (Official) - Mafuyu fukita

Josei Smut Josei(W) Manga Office Workers Romance


Sakura Yuino, a go-getter on the job, has been transferred to work under a new supervisor, the handsome, gentlemanly Tatsuki Kiritani. Sakura tries to make herself useful to Tatsuki right away (though she keeps her cool), but for some reason, Tatsuki is cold to her. Plus, there's something about her that bothers him... huh? Has he got... a problem... in his pants? It seems Tatsuki is hiding some secret physical troubles... but that works just fine for Sakura, who has her own unusual fetish! So starts the "special training" between an employee and a boss with low self-esteem. Could it be good for both of them!?

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