Haruzakari Gunjin-sama ni Misomerarete - Reiji ito

Josei Smut Josei(W) Manga Romance


Using her status as a fallen aristocrat as the reason, female student Haru falls into a slump after being turned down by all of her suitors one after another. Her final suitor happens to be an officer in the army. In order to rebuild her childhood home, she is determined to ensure he doesn't turn her down. Just as she strengthens her resolve, Warrant Officer Narihira appears on the scene riding on horseback. As he approaches, he asks her, "Will you marry me?" The instantly dismayed Haru delays her response, asking him to give her more time to consider. Passionate about her studies, the serious Haru is more than a little off-put by the warmongering soldier. Narihira continues to approach her ardently, which begins to sway Haru's heart. Just as this is happening, as Narihira is escorting her home, he suddenly steals a kiss on her lips! Usually ever the gentleman, he gazes at Haru like a predator looks at its prey...

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