Bite maker - Sugiyama miwako

Josei Smut Josei(W) Comedy Drama Fantasy Harem Romance School Life Manga


In the world people are tempted in α, β and Ω. The α are the men who are destined for something higher by birth and by their gene. The β are the same people who live those responsible, who direct and belong to the α. The Ω are actually the perfect partner for the α, since they can give birth with their other α. But since they expel their pheromone, which no one can broaden, they are not very much heard. Nobunaga is an α. Every β admires him, if he only has contempt for them. His servants have to suffer from his moods. Just just ordered you to move to Brazil so you don't have to see anymore. So he only has three Ran as servants. Still servants have to be good. Because who are victims of Nobunaga's pheromones. So like the naive Iyo who just rushes out, who made it out of those connected in Nobunagas. Because for Nobunaga his "rut" begins. And his pheromones are particularly strong because he is looking for a partner. Iyo's girlfriend Noel will save her and follow her. When she contested Iyo, she was lying half-naked on the ground in front of Nobunaga. Nevertheless, she undressed because of him. When Noel becomes Nobunaga, she quickly becomes moved from his pheromone actions. But then he shrugs back. Because even if you have not decided it, Noel is an Ω and is therefore not easily influenced by the α influence. But even if Noel can hardly defend herself against Nobunaga's influence, she actually loves her sandpit friend Hiro. The manga reflected the affection two students who find through their pheromones find they dislike each other. This means that they ward off the affections of the β, their pheromones die.

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