Buckle Up, Captain! -Animal Instinct Flies First Class - Edajima sakura

Josei Mature Smut Josei(W) Romance Sci-Fi


Move your hips more. Captain's orders." My uniform and my body, tossed on the turbulent air currents... My job is to provide first-class, mile-high service to a wild animal of a flight captain whose word is law. I'm Anna Satomura, and I always wanted to be a flight attendant. I just found out that the captain on my first training flight is Captain Katagiri, who I fell in love with at first sight! I want to do a good job as a member of the Special Long-haul Flight Section, but since I got terrible grades in the training, what exactly is my job going to be, anyway...? Captain Katagiri calls me in to tell me that the duty of the Special Long-haul Flight Section is "servicing the captain"! Covering my mouth with his lips, he takes his hand off the throttle and runs it lustfully all over my body. I'm about to take off...!

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