Hakoniwa - Kunieda saika / 国枝彩香

Shounen ai Yaoi Comedy Fantasy Romance Supernatural


A collection of stories: 1. Hakoniwa (The Miniature Garden) 2. Doll 3. Gogatsu no Kiseki (May Miracle) College freshman, Seiji Murayama, is living on his own for the first time until an enormous cyborg from his past appears in his closet. 4. Himerareta Hana (Hidden Flowers) Deep in the mountains, a man wakes up to discover he is trapped on a ledge with little water and no memory of who he is. His only companion is a mysterious boy who may not be entirely human..." 5. Kimi yo Shiru ya Minami no Kuni (I Know You're in South Country) A beautiful traveler comes to a South Country and meets the grotesque natives. There he finds love, friendship, and ugly unicorns.

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