Elizabeth - Lee ru-in

Shoujo Shoujo(G) Manhwa Webtoon Adaptation Fantasy Full Color Romance


Elizabeth is the most beautiful girl in town, she sells strawberries in the forbidden forest and lives life positively day by day without losing her pride. “I am the Duke of Kaluk. The name is Matthias. No surname.” “Oh, why are you taking off your clothes?” It's obvious that he's a great person but he is also some strange duke. Besides, on the first day we met, he refused to ask for a date. On the contrary, he also offered her to work as a maid. “My uncle's mansion needs a maid, Elizabeth.” The Old lord's mansion. There was no maid in the mansion to accommodate the lord. So, there will be only one purpose to make yourself the maid of the mansion! It is to serve at night! “I absolutely hate it! Never!" This is a romantic fantasy novel full of misunderstandings between an innocent straight man, a duke, and a girl in a complex downtown area!

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