Nise x Koi Boyfriend - Yamamoto ataru

Yaoi Smut Yaoi(BL) Comedy Gender Bender Psychological School Life


A collection of stories:

Vol. 1: Nise x Koi Boyfriend

1-2) Nise x Koi Boyfriend
Soutarou Inugami is a shy and reserved high schooler interested in anime and manga. Although content with his lot in life, Soutarou also wouldn't mind having a fateful encounter with a cute girl someday. Lucky for him, he comes home from school one day to find a girl sitting at his doorstep who he's never seen before, but who happens to have the same red earrings as Meguru Satoi, a cool and good-looking guy at his school.

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Nise x Koi Boyfriend - Henshin Shichau (Doujinshi) (

3) Yowamushi Kareshi to Rokudenashi
Keishi is a college student fed up with his mischievous boyfriend's unhealthy attitude towards sex and wants to have a more normal love life.

4) Kimi to Boku de Chouchou Musubi o
Hanao notices that a short guy in his class named Koino is often looking at him, and Hanao suspects that he likes him. Hanao decides to show Koino what he thinks about love.

5) Usotsuki to Happy End o
Keita Hirono is popular among girls for his good looks, and enjoys their attention, but after he gives some advice to Ogata, a loner who spends much of his time reading alone, Keita suddenly finds all the girls gravitating to Ogata.

Vol. 2: Nise x Koi Boyfriend lovely

1-5) Nise x Koi Boyfriend lovely
A sequel to Nise x Koi Boyfriend as a continuation of Soutarou's and Meguru's relationship.

6) Yowamushi Kareshi to Kuroi Neko
A sequel to Yowamushi Kareshi to Rokudenashi as a continuation of Keishi's and Yukihito's relationship.

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