The Bed's in Use -Sexual Guidance for the Prince Who's Faking Illness- - Yakumo suzushiro / Spika

Josei Ecchi Mature Smut Josei(W) Drama Romance


"I want our bodies to intertwine...", a soft voice moans in the nurse's office at night... An honor student by day, Funase is thought of as the school's prince. Although her words say no, her body responds honestly and quivers from his touch. "Girls are just there to satisfy my sexual desires... nothing else!" What happened to the kind, gentle Funase? He's changed 180 degrees, but it feels like she's become paralyzed inside. She became a school nurse to help people! Why is she getting sexual guidance from this beast-like prince!? This isn't right!! She's the one who has to guide him, and make him into a decent student!!

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