Sayonara Rose Garden - Dokuta pepako

Shoujo ai Shounen Shounen(B) Historical Romance Slice of Life Shoujo ai


This story tells the vicissitudes of a Japanese maid and a young British woman: In this rose garden, we will write about our secret and hidden feelings. Twentieth century; England. Kujou Hanako goes to England after his dream author, in a foreign country, with no one to lean on. By coincidence and after discussion with the editorial head of the mysterious writer Victor-sensei, she meets the young aristocrat Alice Douglas, and begins serving at her residence. As her benefactor and for her mutual love for books (as well as in retribution to Alice) Hanako insists on her day-to-day work, not forgetting her desire to meet the enigmatic writer ... Alice tells her that her wish can come true , with one condition: will Hanako-chan be willing to comply with the shocking proposition?

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